Thursday, January 29, 2009

Smart Find for Smart Mom?

I'm not a real gadget person. I am definitely a LIST person though. Write it down, write it down, YOU MUST WRITE IT DOWN! I own 3 gillion pens, numerous pads of paper and notebooks that I keep handy just in case I have a new revelation on life that requires it's own notebook.

I like things that make my job easier but if the price doesn't warrant the job, and is just really a frilly to have, I'll skip it.

I think I found an exception, maybe that is. It depends on how you compile your to do/grocery lists.

I walk around from bathroom to kitchen, to garage, etc., you get the idea. In comes the Smart Shopper. You simply hit the record button and speak to add an item. When finished with your list, you hit print and it prints your list. It doesn't use ink, but has a thermal printer inside, and comes with 2 rolls of paper. (You can purchase more) Oh fancy I thought. HUM.. but then I need to categorize my list. No you don't! It will categorize your list, by errands, baked goods, etc..

I found this in a magazine and the price was quite, well.. pricey. $149.99. Don't think so. I'll just write it out! When I went to check out the site, they are having a nice sale at $49.99. So, that might be worth it to some people. You can probably cut your time in half compliling instead of around with a list.

Maybe Jessica will make the pattern for the mom utility belt she has spoke of. Of course be creative: a paddle, pen, cell (for incoming dad calls only), whistle (LOL) and the smart shopper just for your to do's spur of the moment.

Find it at You can't buy here, have to go to their site, watch the demo! : )

Blessings, Theresa

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