Sunday, November 30, 2008

About Us

Joyous Home LLC. is owned and run by the Powers family. The Joyous Home family team is John and Theresa, and their 10 children ~ Jessica (25), Michael (23), John Jr. (17), Zach (15), Madison (14), Jordan (13), Zoe (11), Jadon (9), Zusanah (6) Evangeline (4).

The Powers family publishes a print magazine (Seasons At Home Magazine), an online magazine (Joyous Home Journal) and another online home economic lesson newsletter for mothers and daughters (The Tea Times). These are all wonderful publications filled with articles and projects created to encourage families and to provide simple inspiration not just for the homemaking mother, but for the whole family!

Theresa and Jessica run the majority of the business with the men away during the day. Every day brings lot of homeschooling, housekeeping and lots of new projects, sewing (especially quilting!) and busy children mixed in between! They have long enjoyed homemaking and learning together, and love even more being able to produce publications filled with the home arts they love and do everyday.

Dad enjoys his job of provider/business coordinator and incorporating his woodworking into projects for the magazine.

Lots of children means lots of learning and working hands! In addition to homeschooling, all of the children enjoy learning new things to help out with the business.

Older boys John Jr., Zach and Jordan love learning "techy" skills to help the family business, and are quick learners! They are responsible for all of the video tutorials used for Joyous Home's memberships and seminars. The boys make lots and lots of home videos, dabble in creating special effects and animations.

Little ladies Madison, Zoe and Zusanah (with Evangeline right behind them!) are the homemakers in training, and are wonderful helpers. The girls look foward to each issue of the the magazine as they have their own special part to play doing the teas and projects.

Right now you can visit us on our website, browse our store at:
And of course, you can always visit us right here on our blog, Joyous Notions!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Joyous Notion's Giveaways!

Monthly giveaways coming again soon! Check back again...

The 12 Days of Christmas is current upcoming seasonal giveaway~ Come to our blog starting December 1st going through the 12th!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Joyous Notion's Giveaways

~Welcome to our giveaways page!~

Each month we will be giving away three issues of our most current magazine of Seasons At Home! Each winner will receive one issue : ) The current issue is the Summer '09. Entering to win is simple, and the best news is you can earn more than one entry! Do you already subscribe to our magazine? Enter to win for a friend! If you win a magazine, just give us the name of the person you would like to bless. Can you enter for each giveaway every month? Of course!

Here's how it works: At the beginning of every month we will do a blog post titled "(current month) Magazine Giveaway", entry comments must be posted to this blog post. ~The comment link can be found at the top on the left sidebar on the blog~

You will get one entry for each of these:

1. One entry just for leaving your name (First name and last name initial or full name)

2. One entry for tweeting the giveaway on your Twitter page (you must leave a link in the comment to your Twitter page for us verify)

3. One entry for blogging about the giveaway (again leave a link in the comment to your blog for us to verify)

4. You may grab one of the graphics below to link to us from your sidebar. (Again, leave a link in the comment for us to verify!)

Open to U.S. residents only, one entry per household.
Graphics: If the linking graphic has remained on your blog/website from previous giveaway entries, just leave a comment saying that you still have us linked with a graphic, and leave a link to your blog/website for us to verify!

Each entry must be posted in separate comments! So for example, if you do all four of the above once, you are posting four comments. You may only post your name entry ONCE in a comment. You may enter a total of 7 times. For example, you can tweet about it 6 times and leave a link to where you have placed a graphic, or you can blog 3 times - enter your name once - and tweet 3 times. It's up to you on the combination, each counts for one entry, but your name comment can only be once and again, a total of 7 entries per person, per month.
WINNERS: We will announce the winner on the last day of the month. You must leave your email in the comment OR email us your email address. (We do not use your email address for anything other than to contact you for the drawing) You must respond within 5 days of the announcement or we will redo the drawing. If you don't give an email, we will pick a new winner.
Email Jessica your email if you'd like:

SPAM: We will not tolerate the spamming of other's sites. Please post about the magazine on your own site, please! Do not spam another's blog with a comment and send us the link. We do not want people unhappy with you or us. We will be very strict and have to remove you completely from the giveaway if this rule is broken. Thank you for respecting the no spam rule!

Linking graphics! If you want to link us with a graphic, just copy the HTML code out of the scrollbox beneath the graphic and paste it into your sidebar!

If you have any trouble or questions email Jessica at Many blessings to you!

See entire terms and conditions for Joyous Home, LLC giveaways and contests HERE.

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