Monday, September 14, 2009

September Giveaway Post!

The September Giveaway is now open! Post your entering comments here on this post! Rules and giveaway instructions are found here.

Have a very blessed Fall season everyone!

August Giveaway Winners

I must apologize about the very long delay in announcing the giveaway winners! We have been extremely busy with our family and settling in, so busy that I completely forgot about the giveaway until 5:00 this morning when I actually stopped to look at the date. There has been so much to deal with and change that we are a little behind with our usual routine.

But, I did select three winners for the Summer '09 issue! The winners are~

Annette, Laura @ Goose Hill Farm, and JenT

Congratulations ladies!


In the meantime, a little update on our family : ) Sadly, I have no pictures as of yet. It seems that every time we go somewhere we forget the camera! So pictures shall have to wait. We are enjoying the town immensely, there's so much to do and so far we have only been site seeing (without the camera). Life is settled in enough that we can return to school and business this week. We are a little behind, so again, posting on the blog shall be limited for a time. We have had some changes in the season our family is in and it seems we shall be entering a new one. But that will be announced later this year. For now, we have the magazine to finish up for the Holiday's!

Today there are orders to get out, so I must return to work. I can say that the upcoming changes in business and family are going to open up a lot more time to blog again. Lots of things are going to be changing in fact, and we are very excited about it! So as soon as things are more in place, you shall see us on here again.

Many blessings, ~*~Jessica~*~
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