Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Where Did We Go?

We're still here!

In my last post, the moving truck was sitting in the driveway in Michigan and we were packing like mad to come home. Home we have been, and happily so. Everything is back in the old places again, and we are so thankful for God's grace in letting us come home to Colorado.

We have not abandoned blogging, but have taken a very long break from most internet activities. We needed a rest, but are slowly getting things back in order. The Holiday issue that has been so severely delayed will be heading to the printer shortly, and we will be so happy to have it out! We have had many trials these past few months and we are so grateful for all of you who have been so gracious and patient with us. All of your loving comments and emails have been a tremendous blessing.

Currently this week, websites are being cleaned up and consolidated for this fresh year! Mom and I are going to be doing new things, hopefully more online classes and of course we have already started our new quilt block membership for 2010.

As soon as the magazine is off to the printer, I will be fixing the blog, so you will see us more often around here! Some changes are up, but we are excited about them, so be on the lookout for what's going on!

A few pictures.. =)

Christmas picture =)

Sanni and Evie's Christmas dresses.. awww. I love Evie's hair up like that, what a peach.

School days..

No picture post would complete without a sweet picture of Evie Loo and all her sweetness. =)

May God's blessings be you, ~*~Jessica~*~
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