Monday, August 24, 2009

Where'd We Go?

Hello everyone!

I never did get a chance to update the blog before we left, so I'm now writing from our new abode in Michigan. It was quite a long haul to clean out our house, pack up our junk and get three loaded vehicles out here, but we survived!

We are currently settling into the house and getting everything set up. We are renting a house for right now, and happily, a house with some land for the kids to play and roam on. They are having a blast with all of the space they now have, and are discovering lots of fun stuff! Including fruit trees which Mother and I are planning on utilizing here in a couple weeks :) This really is a beautiful area, and the Grand Traverse bay is just a couple minutes from our house. There are tons and tons of trees, we can't wait for the Fall colors to show up!

The summer issue showed up two days before we left and amazingly enough, we got them all sent out! We only have a little time here to finish getting our things in order and still have to change a lot of things around, so we might be absent for another couple weeks while we get situated. Plus, we have the Holiday issue to get rolling out the door!

Before I close, I edited the Blog Giveaway for this month (finally!) and instead of giving just two issues, I changed it to three. I received an email from a lady who was having trouble finding the link to the comments post, sorry about that! I moved the giveaway post link back to the very top of the left sidebar! I haven't had a chance to check email for over a week, and we just got our internet back yesterday. I still haven't gone through my email box, so if anyone else emailed me, I will get back to you soon!

Thank you to everyone for your prayers for our family, we will be back on in a few days, and hopefully with some pictures! Many blessings, ~*~Jessica~*~

Monday, August 10, 2009

$7 for 7 Days Sale on Seasons!

Our $7 for 7 days sale is tomorrow though midnight! This is a great deal on our back issues! under Seasons at Home Magazine!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Summer 2009, Seasons At Home

I thought I would post this..

Like I said.. I think we managed to do some good 'ol fun stuff! The girl's tea was absolutely lovely and we now have a brand new bookshelf sitting in our living room. Not to mention all of the other goodies we did!

Have a blessed evening, ~*~Jessica~*~

Giveaway Winners and August Giveaway!

Now announcing the winners off the July Seasons At Home Magazine giveaway!
And the winners are..

Amy O'Quinn and Elley at Wind Hollow Farms!
Congratulations ladies!


This also marks the start of the August giveaway, so post your comments here to enter for this month's contest. We are having a little change in the giveaway prize. Starting this month, we are giving away two single issues of the current magazine away!

So, if you enter for this month, you are entering to win a Summer 2009 issue of Seasons At Home Magazine!

The Summer issue is officially at the printers and we can't wait to get it! Even though God has brought many unexpected changes for our family, we were able to put together a fun issue. In fact, I think this issue is going to be my new favorite! We think so anyway, and we hope our readers like it too ;)

We may make our plans, but God sometimes brings about a change that is better for us. We had announced earlier this month that God seemed to be leading us to the New England area. All doors were closed leading there and God has taken us to Michigan. In about two weeks, we are going to be moving to Traverse City, Michigan! It will be a big change for our family, and we are excited about the doors God has opened for us. We have a busy Fall to look forward to, and I'm sure lots of snow this winter!

In between packing the house and all of the other busy things we have going on, we shall try to get in a few more blog posts before we leave. Or I shall anyway!

Many blessings! ~*~Jessica~*~
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