Thursday, January 29, 2009

Inside the Sewing Case

Just a rough take of the inside of the sewing case. Still have some ends to tie up or sew up! This project will be in our spring issue. I'm playing with the camera; still trying to master the aperture and shutter! The embroidery is just french knots, chain stitches and straight stitches. Pretty. I love to sew and create lovely things!
Blessings, Theresa


Anonymous said...

Is this going to be like a little "emergency pack?" You know, for those of us that are really new to this homestead kind of thing, and are pretty sure they have a sewing box but have lost it somewhere?


Theresa and Jessica said...

Yes! In the evening I don't want to pull up my whole sewing box to the bedroom. I just need a few basics. So this little soft case is perfect to put in just what you need for your project.
Blessings, Theresa

Tanya said...

It is really sweet! :)

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