Thursday, January 15, 2009

A little preview..

Isn't smocking pretty? I love this type of hand sewing! It only took me a couple days to do the smocking (with lots of children!) This project will be in the spring issue of Seasons at Home Magazine. It isn't a dress! : )

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I will announce here that importer for Bosch and Nutrimill is raising their prices March 1st. Now is the time to buy if you want any of these machines at the current price. We are authorized dealers and have helped many women by email/phone/DVD make great bread. Milling grains to flour makes the best, most nutritious, bread and other flour products.

Our Favorite Spelt Bread

Melt 1 stick of butter with 1 cup of milk, just until warm, don't boil this.

Add to Bosch mixer. Now add:
5 cups of warm water
3 Tbsp. dough enhancer
3/4 cup honey
1 egg, beaten
5 cups freshly ground spelt
3 Tbsp. instant yeast (we use SAF) (put on top of warm flour)

Let this sponge (see our video clip) for 30 minutes at least; you can sponge longer, it gives the bread a nice fermented or sourdough taste.

Now add 2 1/2 Tbsp. sea salt, and enough flour to clean the bowl. This maybe about 8 cups more. (Tip: My mix gets a 'chunky' sort of look when I'm just about there, and from that point it is usually 2 more cups that make around the 8 total)

Use speed 4 on the Universal plus or 3 with the older model and knead for 5 minutes. You are using the dough hook in the Universal. Gluten is developed when a nice stretch will produce an opaque window, and the dough doesn't tear. (Tearing could mean over kneaded or under, over kneaded dough cannot be repaired and won't rise.)

Separate into loaves, (4-5 depending on pan size), or make, cinnamon rolls, make pizza or Fococcia. This whole grain dough is very flexible and delicious!
Bake loaves of bread for 25-28 minutes in sprayed pans.

Blessings in bread making, Theresa


Anonymous said...

That smocking thing sure is pretty!

Is It hard to make?


Theresa and Jessica said...

Hi LaSara, Thank you! No it really isn't hard. That is a sewing case by the way, : ) I don't think I quite finished that post. It will be in the spring issue.
You can pleat with a pleater, or use pleater dots (but I hear those are hard to remove, I haven't tried them), or simply use a fabric that has lines, such as plaid or gingham.

Many blessings, Theresa

Tanya said...

I smocked a baby bonnet, it was fun, but I haven't done anything since. :)

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