Friday, January 2, 2009

Antique Thoughts..

I have a real want to go antique shopping. Don't get me wrong, I hate clutter that doesn't have a purpose to it.

How many of you like to go window shopping through an antique store? Some of the items aren't really antique but only replicas (and I really don't know much about that). It's interesting to look and maybe imagine that each little piece you see has a story to it.

You see a lovely little lamp and wonder if it sat on a sturdy old dresser (no particle board!), on top of some pretty lace runner that had to be straightened every time a child turned on the lamp! How about that brass bed? We had a real one once; I always wonder if children were born in those really old beds we see. I bet there are stories to the real antiques we find in those shoppes. I bet they would sell better if the owners posted a story to go along with them!

I was thinking that for each tea we do in Seasons, I'm going to start letting the girls collect tea cups just for that tea. Wouldn't that be fun. We were just purchasing sets, but much more of a story can be told if they go and find something special. Then put the cup in a hope chest or in a cabinet with glass, just to be taken out on special days. I'm sure many of you do this anyway!

Well, just having some antique thoughts this am while I hold the fort together. I wish I were out with Jessica who is doing some of our favorite shopping (fabric) with her little sisters.

Blessings! Theresa

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