Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Homemaking Blog Hop Wednesday ~ January 22nd

Homemaking Blog Hop Wednesday

The Featured Hopper!

Each week, we are going to be picking our favorite link or links of the previous week's link-up and featuring them as the Featured Hopper!! Share your best blog posts with us and you might get featured!! :)

This Week's Featured Hoppers

Debbie at One Little Project at a Time! Debbie did a fun post on making your own ice luminaries! With the temperatures dropping here in a few days, and snow coming for many of us, this would be a fun project to do with the kids. Thank you for sharing with us, Debbie!

How to Make Your Own Ice Lanterns

Thank you for sharing, ladies!
Participate in the Blog Hop!

Have fun sharing in this week's blog hop, and have a blessed week, Ladies! 
~ Jessica ~   

One thing we love to do in our work is encourage ladies in making their homes... we are so pleased to host this Homemaking Blog Hop each week! Please join us, and share your links!

Topics can include... crafting, homemaking, encouragement, recipes, homeschooling, sewing, quilting, organizing, anything that has to do with making our homes! 

At the bottom, use the link tool to share your link, title and pick your image, it's so simple! And yes, you can share multiple links. =) 

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Debbie Chapman said...

You are so sweet! Thanks so much for featuring my ice luminaries! It really does make you look forward to the cold weather. Stay warm!

Debbie @ One Little Project

Theresa Powers said...

You're very welcome, Debbie! We have been enjoying the posts you've been sharing, thank you for participating! :)

Blessings, ~Jessica

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