Thursday, January 23, 2014

Free Book Friday - January 24th

Welcome to Free Book Friday!

Free Book Friday is today!! Free Book Friday is a twice-a-month children's book giveaway here on Joyous Notions! We come across so many wonderful books for homeschool literature and cirriculum, that we decided to start a giveaway. Each giveaway will feature one of our favorites, and you will have a chance to win! 

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~ The giveaway ends Tuesday, January 27th at midnight | The winner will be announced here on the blog Wednesday the 28th and winner will be contacted via email! ~ 

This Week we are giving away two of our favorite Greek beginner books sponsored by Trivium Pursuit and a set of Greek Lacing Blocks for young children from Joyous Home!
A $53.49 value!

{Who says your little ones can't learn Greek?}
Little Bitty Baby Learns Greek by Johanna Bluedorn Stanford
A beautiful board book for your youngest Greek students!

We love this little book! Johanna Bluedorn Stanford offers a pictorial lesson with her own beautiful illustrations. Each board page has a letter, English guide word and corresponding picture.

From Joyous Home - Greek Lacing Blocks
What child doesn't like to lace? We made these for our younger ones and are giving away a set. These are Maple blocks with beautiful, cranberry vinyl lettering and 3 colored strings.

We used the Little Bitty Baby Learns Greek with the blocks. The end goal is for them to be able to find the letter when you pronounce it. We start with shapes, then sounds, with the ending goal being able to string a letter from your dictation. A short instruction card is included. Our 5-year-old played three times in a row doing all letters. FUN!
(If you don't win, we sell the blocks and book as a set! Email me!)

A Greek Hupogrammon by Harvey Bluedorn

We have used this Greek copybook in our homeschool for several of our children. It was a wonderful introduction to the Greek Alphabet. We do suggest using it with A Greek Alphabetarion as the CD is a wonderful help in pronouncing the alphabet correctly.

From the publisher: "Though the lessons in this copybook can be used without any accompanying text, they are designed to correspond with the more extensive textbook, A Greek Alphabetarion. A younger student could first learn the basics by going through the Hupogrammon, then review the same material more carefully and extensively by going through the Alphabetarion. An older student might use both books together."

Enjoy today's giveaway and share with your friends!

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