Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Homemaking Blog Hop Wednesday & Free Book Friday!

Hello Ladies!

We have an exciting new event starting this week on our blog, Free Book Friday!! Free Book Friday is going to be a twice-a-month children's book giveaway here on Joyous Notions! We come across so many wonderful books for homeschool literature, we decided to start a book giveaway for them. Each giveaway will feature one of our favorite children's books, and you will have a chance to win!

If you want to be updated via email on giveaways and other freebie opportunities, sign up for our newsletter! It's on the sidebar, go ahead and sign up! :) And to celebrate the first giveaway, we are giving away TWO books, a bundle for Thanksgiving...

  Stories of the Pilgrims, by Margaret B Pumphrey and Three Young Pilgrims by Cheryl Harness!

Mom has been enjoying reading Stories of the Pilgrims aloud this week during school, and they love it!

And of course, we have Homemaking Blog Hop Wednesday. Please leave links for the blog hop! Have a wonderful week, and many blessings! 
~ Jessica


One thing we love to do in our work is encourage ladies in making their homes... we are so pleased to start this Homemaking Blog Hop each week! Please join us, and share your links!

Topics can include... crafting, homemaking, encouragement, recipes, homeschooling, sewing, quilting, organizing, anything that has to do with making our homes! 

At the bottom, use the link tool to share your link, title and pick your image, it's so simple! And yes, you can share multiple links. =) 

Grab our Blog Hop button to add to your blog to share the fun! *Required to participate*

And don't forget to watch for...


Storybook Woods said...

Thank you Theresa for share the molasses pecan pie w/ pumpkin. Clarice

Theresa Powers said...

You are very welcome Clarice! Looks yummy!

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