Saturday, November 30, 2013

Free Book Friday This Week, December 6th!

Free Book Friday | On December 6th 

Free Book Friday is a twice-a-month children's book giveaway here on Joyous Notions! We come across so many wonderful books for homeschool literature, we decided to start a book giveaway for them. Each giveaway will feature one of our favorite children's books, and you will have a chance to win! 

We are very excited to offer this giveaway to our readers, and hope it will grow to bless you! Let us know your thoughts, and leave us a comment!

You won't want to miss the giveaways! Sign up for our newsletter to stay posted on all of our upcoming Free Book Fridays, and other events!


There have been a few questions about how Free Book Friday, here's how it works...

1. Free Book Friday starts on the announced Friday

We'll announce what Fridays - on our blog and in our newsletter.

2. You need to be a newsletter subscriber in order to qualify to win the giveaway. BUT being a newsletter subscriber does NOT enter you into the giveaway. 

3. On the day of Free Book Friday, we will put up the giveaway post on our blog with the Punchtab box. 

Enter the giveaway in the Punchtab box.


This week's book giveaway is... 

A Time to Keep, by Tasha Tudor

Remember, only newsletter subscribers will be able to participate in Free Book Friday Giveaways, so sign up! We'd love to have you join us!

And get ready for The Five Days of Christmas! Starting Monday, December 2nd!

Have a blessed weekend! ~Jessica


L said...

My children and I were so blessed to win your Thanksgiving book give away. :) This book looks lovely too!

JES said...

I am wondering how you enter the Free Book Friday, not quite understanding. Thanks for your help :)

Theresa Powers said...

Hi Jes!
Free Book Friday is this Friday. We have it twice a month. Sorry for the confusion!

Theresa Powers said...

So glad you are enjoying the pilgrim books, thanks for entering!

kmegaro said...

This looks like a book my daughter would really enjoy. Would love to win it!

Anonymous said...

The book looks beautiful. From what I understand I don't have to sign up for the contest just be a newsletter subscriber. Thanks, Mayra z.

Mayra Z. said...

The book looks beautiful especially at this time of year. Thanks

Theresa Powers said...

@Mayra - The Free Book Friday giveaway will be posted here on the blog this Friday, Dec. 6th -

You do have to enter through the Punchtab box that will be posted in order to get your entries to win. It's a one day giveaway, just Friday.

You need to be a newsletter subscriber in order to qualify to win. :)

I hope that's not confusing! Let us know if you have more questions. :)


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