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Fall Blog Hop Day 3 - Make an Indian Dress!

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Today's Guest Post is from Tonya Chapa - The Virtuous Wife! Drop by and visit her blog and see what she is up to. She has Godly wisdom and encouragement to share today!

Calming the Storm of Our Hearts

  As mothers, we have such a huge responsibility to bring up our children in the fear and admonition of Christ. It's staggering to consider the importance of our job as we look at the big picture. I'm sure we've all heard the phrase: "the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world."

Thankfully, the Lord gives us this job in little bites. Called days.

  We don't have to accomplish all the teaching and training required to raise a human being in one day. We have time. Years. And with God's mercy and aid, we can do this task He has set before us little by little. Tweaking here, adjusting there. Repenting, forgiving, rejoicing together as we walk this road we are on.

  I'm sure we've all been there: out shopping with our children and we see that angry mother yelling at her children. She has obviously had a bad day. I always wonder what it must look like in private if her public face is so scary. Has she lost all self control, and just doesn't care anymore? Or, is she nicer in public than she might be at home? And my heart breaks for those little children.

  I often wonder how she got to this place of anger. I don't think most women dream about the day they will be mothers so that they can yell at their kids in Walmart with a venom that spews from hatred. Is this a multi-generational curse that she is living, without an understanding that it doesn't have to be this way? Or, are her burdens just so heavy that she is about to break, and it is coming out on those in her life who are the weakest and unable to fight back? My heart breaks, not only for the children, but for the mother. I want to reach out to her and tell her that it doesn't have to be like this. But I'm a big fat chicken.
But I guess I can write about it safely from the comfort of my home. Maybe that mother will happen across this post. Maybe we all can use a bit of encouragement, even if we aren't the crazy lady in Walmart, but are just a little bit crazy at home.

  Our children are gifts to us from the Lord. We get them for such a short period of time. It's fleeting. I know we all hear that from the day our firstborns enter the world. But, I have found out that it is true. Where have all the years gone? And we are not only raising them so that they don't annoy us while they are in our house, but we are raising them for a much greater purpose. Did you know what you signed up for when you started having children?
We are raising them to love and serve the Lord. We are raising them to raise our grandchildren. And we are raising them to contribute to society at large. We don't live in a bubble or a vacuum, or any place where we don't effect others. And what we say and do, and how we behave will have a major impact on who our children become.

  So how does this work? How can we raise our children to turn out like we hope?
I think it starts by loving the Lord with all our heart and mind and strength. And then pouring out our lives for our children so that they see that love in the way we diligently teach them. If we keep our eyes on the big picture as we work through the mundane tasks of the day, it helps. If we get bogged down with today, we are much more apt to blow it.

  Today can be such a big deal in our minds. We get annoyed at the toys that are STILL on the living room floor, the towels in the bathroom, the unmade beds, the breakfast dishes in the sink at lunchtime... And on it goes. These little people (and big ones as they grow) make our neat and tidy lives such a mess! It can be maddening! And the blood pressure rises. And we forget to be thankful. And so the screaming ensues. And the joy flies out the window as we become tyrants and dictators and frustrated mothers.

  Precious women, I want to encourage you to look at the big picture often. Hourly. Yes, our children need constant shepherding, correction, training. But they aren't going to be perfect little robots to make our lives easier. Please don't get it in your mind that you prefer the robot over the squishy, huggable gift from the Lord who gives you slobbery kisses. But with the squishy kid comes attitude and personality that challenges authority as they get older. Laziness sets in. Disdain for work. Record keeping (I did the breakfast dishes, it's HER turn to do lunch!).

  Glance at the big picture. Who do I want this person to be when they are no longer under our authority? And work towards that goal. Don't look at the distraction of the current crisis. Look beyond it. See it as an opportunity you can use to get to the goal. And with grace and patience show them the love of Christ as you patiently correct and teach them to serve.

  I find myself forgetting the goal so often. I look at the moment because we are late, rushing out the door, tired, whatever...and forget to look at the big picture. Sharp words are spoken. Harshness instead of longsuffering. And it cuts me to the quick. Eventually. But, here again, God gives us a great opportunity to teach and love. Repentance. To our children. Even though they were wrong in their behavior, we have no excuse for the wrongness of our reaction. Forgiveness is so sweet. It's so important that our pride doesn't get in the way of repentance. How will they ever learn what it truly looks like if we don't model it for them. We have ample opportunities for repentance with our children.

It's not an easy road, raising children, rocking that cradle. But it is a rewarding one. Scripture says:
"Nevertheless she will be saved in childbearing if they continue in faith, love, and holiness, with self-control." 1 Tim 2:15
  That pretty much sums it up, doesn't it? What a beautiful verse for mothers in the trenches. It never promises an easy road of perfect children. Obviously the self-control issue is there because we NEED to be reminded to have it. Our flesh really is an ugly thing when left to itself.

  Dig in the Word, cry out to God for strength for the days, while keeping your eyes on the big picture. Our days of yelling will not produce the sweet fruit in the long run. It's the constant dose of faith, love, joy, patience demonstrated to them that will truly make the impact we hope for. You can do this. With God's help. If you are surrounded by short people, it does get easier. They grow taller, stronger, able to help more. But you are building a foundation today. It is imperative that you build it carefully, for the rest will stand on it. It's much easier to start well than it is to have to undo the mess you've made and rebuild with less pliable children. Not impossible if you are past that stage, but more difficult. God is the God of miracles after all.

  Obviously, God has given you who you have in your home. And He will equip you to do your job well, if you will trust Him and not your own strength. If you will have faith that He has orchestrated your days for you. Stop fighting Him. Rest in His arms, and serve your family. It's very hard some days. I know that as much as anyone else does. But it is not impossible. With God, all things are possible. Right? Even calming the raging storm of our hearts.

Blessings, Tonya

How encouraging! Thank you so much for sharing with us Tonya!

We aren't done yet!! Ready for a cute Thanksgiving dress project?

Make some Indian Dresses!

This project was featured in our Holiday 2007 issue, our very first issue of Seasons at Home Magazine. Try this easy project with your girls! They will have hours of fun playing dress-up!

You'll need:

  • 2 T-shirts per dress - one size bigger than their normal size, any color - or tea stain a white shirt
  • fringe or trim (optional)

1. Put the first shirt on the girl and measure for the length. Add 3" to this, and cut off that amount from the bottom of the second shirt. This is your dress bottom. (You can make a t-shirt dress from the discarded top! Just add a skirt!)

2. To attach the bottom, turn the cut piece inside out. Insert it into the bottom of the shirt, matching the raw edge with the finished edge of the t-shirt. Pinning is easier if you shake the two pieces together and get them to hang freely, and then pin.

3.  Sew 3" above the bottom, all the way around. This will give you some fabric to fringe for the middle!

4. Before turning the bottom out, snip the ends with pinking shears for a fast look or regular scissors and toss in the dryer to 'rag' the ends.

5. Mark in 1 1/2" on the top from the sleeve to the neckline on each side. Mark the sides from under the arms to the thread where you attached the bottom. Do not go over the attached piece seam line, but continue with a new line for the bottom. I forgot to do this for the picture!

 Sew the dress together at your marked lines. You don't really need to mark it, you can just follow your sewing machine markings.

See how I stopped sewing right before the seam for the attached bottom?

6.  Now do the same as you did for the middle - fringe all the way around but do not cut your seam lines!  Now, you can easily add a piece of trim to the collar. 

CUTE!! This is not hard regardless of the pictures. If you need help understanding, just email me!

Have fun!! Do you have a link to share today?



Greg and Donna said...

This series is a great idea! Love the projects and the giveaways. The Wall Art verse was our homeschooling verse for the last 8 years ~ until my last child graduated!

Theresa and Jessica said...

So glad you are enjoying the hop Donna! Thank you for stopping by letting us know!

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