Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Homemaking Blog Hop Wednesdays!

One thing we love to do in our work is encourage ladies in making their homes... we are so pleased to start this Homemaking Blog Hop each week! Please join us, and share your links!

Topics can include... crafting, homemaking, encouragement, recipes, homeschooling, sewing, quilting, organizing, anything that has to do with making our homes! 

At the bottom, use the link tool to share your link, title and pick your image, it's so simple! And yes, you can share multiple links. =) 

And feel free to share our Homemaking Blog Hop button on your blog!


Melonie said...

What a wonderful idea - thanks for hosting the new hop! :)

HandmaidforHim (Dawn Gray) said...

Thank you! I love this idea. Love the hops, cuz get so many ideas and always find a new blog to follow!

Kim Mills said...

What a great idea! Are you posting this every Wednesday?

Theresa and Jessica said...

Thank you, ladies for posting! Yes, we are going to be doing this every week now, and we hope to continue to see it grow. =) Feel free to share it with others!


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