Saturday, November 26, 2011

Joyous Home Journal!

Our first two online magazines are out ~ The Fall 2011 Journal is free through December!

Christmas Joyous Home Journal ~ 2011

~ Fall 2011 ~

Click here to go to Joyous Home
More issues to come next year, we will announce when the subscription is up. In the meantime, the 12 Days of Christmas are here on our blog! Be here on December 1st for the first daily post, and a giveaway!

Also on Joyous Home~ Through Sunday (November 27th), single issues of Seasons At Home Magazine are 1/2 off! Sale ends after tomorrow though!
Seasons At Home Magazine


Cathy B. said...

Your Joyous Home Journals are so much fun! Thank you for sharing the fall journal for free--I liked it so much I purchased the Christmas issue. My daughter and I have each picked out projects from them that we plan to try soon, and we'll have special mother-daughter time doing so. I'm eager to see your upcoming issues--thank you for blessing my family!

Cathy B. said...

I forgot to say in my previous post that I am looking forward to your 12 Days of Christmas! It sounds like fun!

Theresa and Jessica said...

Thank you Cathy, you are very welcome! Looking forward to having you here for the 12 Days of Christmas event =)


Emily Fay said...

They are just lovely! Thank you for providing such encouragement and dedication to the calling of being home! You guys are the best! :)

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