Saturday, July 4, 2009

Giveaway Announcement and Update!

I hope everyone has been as busy as us as to not notice that we are late announcing the Seasons At Home subscription giveaway! We have not forgotten, we just ran late with all of the hub-bub around our house!

~*~ And so, the winners for the June giveaway are ~*~

Misty at Little Home in the Woods and Emma!

Both ladies are receiving full subscriptions to Seasons At Home Magazine! Congratulations ladies!

Wow! We have have needed a post here! In our last post we were getting ready for the CHEC Homeschool Convention. That event passed over a week ago. Since then we have been working like bees to get the summer issue of the magazine done! I have been spending a lot of time in the kitchen working away at making food and other things, and have a similar day planned for today. But we are very excited to have this issue done!

While we are in the midst of getting this issue wrapped up, our posting shall continue to be limited, but I do have some recipes I would like to pop on here. Besides that, God is changing things on our homefront, and I'm sure we will have a post announcing future changes and blessings!

I thought I would post a few pictures from the convention : ) Unfortunately, we didn't have very many. The first day we didn't even have the camera because it got locked in the car, along with our credit card machine. Needless to say, day one we ran the stone-age "cash only" booth! The rest of the time, we were either busy with people or not paying attention to the fact that no one was taking pictures.

Our lovely banner! I was very happy with how well it turned out =) That was a hard one to design.

Mother and I. From the looks on our faces.. what do you think the caption should be on this picture? :) I have one ~ Jess: "So, you think we look like we know what we're doing?"

On the second day of the conference, I switched out with Dad and took the kids back home and then brought them back to come in and see the booth. Which I don't think could have been frilled up much more than what we had it! We had the fluffiest booth in the building..

John Jr. (I call him Wally)

We had the pleasure of meeting the McDonald family who were in a booth behind us! It was so nice to meet Miss Tiffany.. I can only wish that we had gotten a better picture. Vain questions you ask yourself when looking at yourself in a picture: What happened to my hair?.. Why does that shirt make me look fat? Ah.. things we can laugh about later.

A very sweet picture of Madison and Abigail McDonald :) Little Abigail wandered over to our table and she and Madi got to talking. They played together the entire day!

Working in the kitchen making food for the magazine :)

One of the absolutely sweet and adorable dresses Mother made for the girl's tea for the magazine! (Evie is modeling) She's making hats to match as we speak :)

That is all there is for this moment! Have a very blessed Independence Day everyone.. and many blessings ~*~Jessica~*~


~Michelle: Keeper of the Elven Hopechest~ said...

I LOVE the pictures! Evie is SOOO cute! : ) Am I allowed to say that? LoL! And wow, your hair IS curly, I did not know that! (it looks very nice though!) mine's wavy, and I'd use Sarah's flatiron, but it just makes my hair look like that lifeless flop that is called 'style' in a way that I don't like, though some make it look nice on them ; ) Like you! I just don't mess with my hair, lol!

Oh, I love the pic of you and Tiff! You are tall! : ) how tall, dear?

Had fun talking to ya! Happy Fourth! Love ya!


P.S. Ohh, just noticed that is Mrs. Chancey's dress! SOOO nice! : ) Does this mean that Evie gets to join the tea parties now? I've been eagerly waiting for that issue! =) I was gonna tell you something but I forgot... : ( Blank mind!

Theresa and Jessica said...

lol! Yes, you are allowed to say that! =) She's cute and she knows it! ;) I love that dress on her, she's so tiny, she looks like a little victorian doll =)

Glad you like the pictures! Yes, my hair has always been curly like that, even when I was a baby. You should have seen what I looked like when I got off the phone today! The flatiron looks ok on me because my hair is so thick, but your hair doesn't seem to have the big *puff* like mine does! So no, I wouldn't use it on your hair ;)

The one picture of me standing next to John makes me look really really tall! I'm a little more than 5'8. My Dad is really tall though, so Mike and I are the tallest people in the house :P We feel rather funny sometimes.

Oh, and yes! Evie is going to be joining the tea party :) Mom found extra fabric and made her a dress too, so we figured why not? :D

I always do that.. think I have something to tell you and then I can't remember what :P

Talk to you later! Love ya! ~Jess

Goose Hill Farm said...


What a lovely booth you had for the convention. Your pictures are lovely. And your little sister.....PRECIOUS!


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