Saturday, May 23, 2009

Growing Time..

As much as we love the snowy winters here in Colorado, there is something equally exciting about our "growing season." Yesterday we were officially able to start our garden! We are starting most of our seeds inside, rather than outside like we did last year. Last year really was dry and most of our seeds either didn't sprout, or dried up soon after sprouting. It really was a sad harvest, and we greatly missed our usually bountiful harvest of Zucchini!

I loved the sprouting trays we used! They were the big trays of peat pellets that blow up when you pour water over them. I thought they were much better than just using a big tray of dirt. It allowed us to start lots of different seeds all in one tray without worrying about the sprouts getting mixed up. Quite neat, like a mini-greenhouse. We are still using the big trays of course, but only for one kind of seed per tray, such as our cucumbers. I'm hoping we get lots and lots of cucumbers this year, it would be nice to have enough at one time to make pickles!

After we got home today from our little family outing, I was surprised to find the radishes already poking their little green shoots out of the dirt..

Here's what's growin' in the garden so far for this year: radishes, cucumbers, zucchini, pumpkins (including White Casper pumpkins!), sweet corn (our first try with corn!), green onions, chives, peas, and green beans, basil, oregano, sage, cilantro, and dill. The only things we haven't planted yet would be the tomatoes and peppers. But, we normally buy plants instead of starting seeds for those.. for this climate, we've found it's easier.

Hoping to be able to post pictures of a lovely harvest of vegetables and herbs this year! What's growing at your house? :)


LaSara said...

We start our plants in the same thing you have.:)

Heather said...

We've been slowly getting ours in - it's our first time and we're going through a lot of trial and error (and a ton of rocks!)! So far, we have some herbs, tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, onions and two types of corn. We still plan to get some cucumbers, watermelon, pumpkin and canteloupe in. We actually started some of our corn in those little peat pots and put them in a light hut - they sprouted in two days! Consequently, I have some over a foot tall, some about 6 inches and some went in as seeds. It should be an interesting garden! I pray God blesses us all with bountiful harvests.

Emily said...

How lovely! I love using the pellets - they work wonderfully! I am growing some flowers this year and hope to start a vegi garden next year! :) Happy Planting!!

Lilyofthevalley - Tanya said...

I'm looking forward to getting out into the garden! I'm hoping to plant next week. :)

Happy gardening!

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