Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sneaky Healthcare Agenda?

This isn't going to be a long drawn out post on my views about healthcare. We are called to stay alert and so here is what I discovered this morning.

Not many healthcare plans cover maternity. Just looking over some options with my husband's insurance coverage through his work was eye-opening. We went all the way up to the $900 a month plan, $1500 deductible and you still pay 20% and they still at that cost did not cover maternity.

Ridiculous! The world is made by having children, people are going to have children regardless if healthcare covers it, or are they? How sneaky is that agenda? Who is behind the wheel of these healthcare plans?

If you stay alert you will see more and more of this happening. The world is literally going down the road of trying to control us and quick. Well, my two cents here, midwives are going to be in popular demand and soon. What a blessing though, what a blessing. Reinstating old testament values.. so to the loose nut behind the wheel... we say thank you!

Why were we looking at maternity? Yes, the Lord blessed us again, baby 11 is due in November.


Emily said...

I know what you mean! Our health coverage is the same. It covers 80% of it and leaves us with 20%.

How wonderful, blessed and exciting that you are expecting! Congrats! Have a beautiful day!

~Ithilwen~ said...

Congradulations! I'm so happy for you (the new baby I mean : )


Theresa and Jessica said...

Thank you! : )!

Danielle said...

I'd love to drop healthcare! Between what they take out of my husbands pay, our co-pay and deductable...we pay for it anyway. I do know it was a lifesaver when my mom had cancer.

Wonderful news! I'm a little ahead of you...due Sept ~ and a little behind you...#6 for me:-)

Theresa and Jessica said...

What a nice blog Danielle! I love blogs that show homeschool, homemaking pics.. fun! All boys! We are even 5 and 5. 5 boys though, bless your heart!

Thanks for visiting us, I wanted to share your blog, I'll see if I know how to put you on my read list : )
Danielle's blog:

Blessings, Theresa

Melonie said...

Congratulations!!! :-)

I'm curious - does that health care plan cover birth control? When I lived in WA state they passed a law saying that health insurance companies had to cover birth control. Basically to both the state and the insurer it was "cheaper" to cover prevention than it was delivery. Which makes sense from a business-only standpoint.... but if the company covers THAT and *not* actual pregnancy, delivery and post-partum care.... well now, I can see where a conspiracy theorist could have a complete field day sniffing out theories with it. As it is, something smells.... ;-)

Heather said...

Congratulations!! How wonderful!

Love, Heather

Tanya said...

Congrats!!! :)

His Tender Mercies said...

Congrats! What a blessing, a baby on the way.
Oh health care coverage is so frustrating! My first two children were born when we had no insurance. We made payments to the OB & the hospital until they were all payed for.I remember my husband & I laughing and joking when those bills were finally payed off.....the kids were finally all ours, the repo man wasn't coming to take them back : )
We had health insurance with our third child. Our 4th and 5th we had it as well but couldn't use it because we had homebirths with a DEM.We didn't use it or need to use it alot when we had it. Kind of interesting how that all worked out : ) Currently we have no insurance but there's not much we can do about that right now.

Sonshine4u said...

Congratulations on your blessing! How exciting!

Danielle said...

I've been looking for some new maternity cloths...the skirts are way to short and tops way to low - dresses are terrible! I need to replace some of my cloths (after five pregnancy's) and was wondering if you could share what you do for maternity cloths...when you have time!?!??!

Theresa and Jessica said...

Hi Danielle,
I will look in consignment shoppes for some things. They are normally too expensive but it never hurts to look. This time I'm making clothes. I bought a skirt pattern today with an elastic waist lol! So I will make a few of those plus I'm going to make my own maternity capris..I'm planning on making some blouses for my skirts too. We'll see how it goes, I do have some things that I put away last year. Evie just turned 1 so I haven't had them away that long.
Blessings, Theresa

Anonymous said...

I agree ladies, it is crazy. My oldest girl wants 9 kids in her future. I tease her with a saying from "Breakfast at Tiffany's" about bringing her 9 Brazilian brats to my house if and when she needs a little breathing room. Grandma will be MORE than happy to take them!

Congrats to your family!

Nice to see you ladies on this blog.


carriejoy said...


I think many states offer maternity 'insurance' through medicaid and that probably lets the other insurers 'off the hook'. What is sad, is, the medical folks don't get even 1/2 of their charges usually and here in WA you can't do any sort of co-pay. It's an all or nothing thing. For sure, it is a blessing to have no out of pocket expense for pregnancy and birth, BUT it just doesn't seem right that those who could pay SOME aren't "allowed" due to the weird medicaid laws.

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