Friday, February 6, 2009

Divisions Are Not Always Bad...

This morning my thoughts took me to Romans 2:17-29. In short Paul says: Are you confident that you yourself are guide to the blind? A corrector of the foolish? A teacher of the immature? Then with a slam, do you teach yourself? Ouch. When I read that verse, I sometimes think of the scarecrow on the Wizard of Oz, "Yes, some people without brains to an awful lot of talking, don't they?"
I'm confident of one thing right now; I still have too much to learn at my age to boast. I still desire to sit at the feet of women older than I. Do you?
If at anytime the Lord does use me, I'd prefer not to know. He'll tell me one day what I've done, I can trust Him well with that.

Moving to another good reminder from A.W. Tozer in "Divisions Are Not Bad" from "God Tells the Man Who Cares."

"The first divider was God, He divided light and darkness, they are incompatible. All holds true for such things as moral and religious dealings as well as political and science. But is it all bad when division must happen?"

He continues: "In a world of men there are at present scarcely any sharp outlines. The race is fallen. Sin has brought confusion. The wheat grows with the tares, the sheep coexist and the mission is next door to the saloon.

But things will not always be so. The hour is coming when the sheep will be divided from the goats and the tares separated from the wheat....For that time we with patience wait.

Power lies in the union of things similar, and the division of things dissimilar. Maybe what we need in religious circles today isn't more union, but some wise and courageous division."

He is one of my favorite reads. His book was given to me a man that worked with my mother when I worked at the Dept. of Energy. He had found out I was all of a sudden "converted." This was back in 1992. I always knew him to be the nicest and smartest man, but really he was wise man under God. Well, I remember trying to read Tozer's work as a new believer and it was too deep. I didn't get it! When I read it now, it's like music. Isn't God wonderful to take us from milk to food?

Blessings, Theresa

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Kathy Butryn said...

Hi Theresa:

I too love the writing of Tozer. I think the sentence that stood out to me was "Power lies in the union of things similar, and the division of things dissimilar." I can very much relate and understand that!
Lovely visiting your blog today, and delighted to be FB friends. Looking forward to getting to know you in the days ahead.

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