Tuesday, December 30, 2008

January Membership Block

The January membership block! I took this after sunset so I'll get a better pic tomorrow. I wanted to post it, I thought it turned out pretty. I had fun putting this together. The Y seams give you a good workout and if you haven't learned them from the August block you will from this one!
Our membership site is being worked on this week, the new block and site will be up and functioning again on Monday the 5th. : )

This is the 6th block in our membership! We are halfway through them! You can join anytime and work on these blocks as you have time. We have a private forum for support until August 2009.

Blessings, Theresa


Tanya said...

That is really pretty!! It looks more challenging then the latest ones we have done, but I really like the look of it!

I have to sew my Dec block yet...

I will have to book mark this blog! I have missed some of your posts. :)

~Lilyofthevalley :)

Theresa and Jessica said...

Hi Tanya!

I LOVE the January block! It has so much room for some pretty embroidery :) Mom did the first one, she says way more challenging then the last two that we've done. But that's ok, I think we have given everyone a nice break, now it's back to work ;).

I'm so glad to see you on our blog!

Happy New Years!

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